• PARD Show Special

    Offering the next generation of Measuring Up customer satisfaction surveys

  • Survey Features

    Actionable Data

    By improving the customer experience, you will turn detractors into promoters.

    Fully Digital

    No more phone calls! Our surveys can be completed anywhere and at any time online.

    Net Promoter Score

    The gold standard in measuring customer satisfaction and has been a staple of Measuring Up surveys since 2007.

    Open Ended Questions

    By giving the customer the chance to explain their rating, we gain invaluable insight into their experience.

    Reputation Management

    Customers who give you a high customer satisfaction rating will be asked to leave a review on your Google page.

    Customer Reconciliation

    Customers who had a negative experience will be given an opportunity to request a follow-up email or phone call.

  • How It Works



    Employee hands a business card to customer and asks them to fill out the survey



    Customer scans QR code, follows the link, and fills out the survey


    Follow Up

    Depending on their rating, the customer will be asked to either leave a Google review, request a follow-up, or be given a coupon



    Survey data will be delivered to you on a monthly basis

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  • Our Services

    Our product pipeline builds on our decade+ experience in helping businesses compete in an increasingly digital world.

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    Web Design and eCommerce Services

    Everything you need to turn your web traffic into sales. This includes a mobile-first website, online store, shopping cart technology, SEO optimization, regular analytic reports, and integration with HubSpot CRM (client selects level of service).

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    Graphic Design and Print House

    Our design team will have a series of promotional campaigns ready to go that includes both print and digital assets. Choose à la carte or the whole package - it's your choice!

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    Instructional Design and Training

    One of the greatest opportunities for small to medium size businesses in attracting and retaining talented employees is to redefine training. By digitizing onboarding and talent development programs, we can help your team learn the knowledge and skills to give you an edge over the competition.

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    Other Projects and Consulting Services

    Next generation Measuring Up surveys are now available! Measuring Up has been measuring customer satisfaction across multiple industries since 2007 and has presented its data in a report to select members of the U.S. Congress. Previously phone-driven, our surveys are now fully digital and can be completed anywhere and at any time. Surveys are based on the net promoter score and are designed in a way to provide actionable steps to facilitate reputation management for your business.